Brave Golden Retriever Chases Bear Away From Young Boy Playing In Yard

Jake the Golden Retriever is one good boy! The brave dog chased a black bear away from his family’s home after the wild animal wandered into their backyard where 4-year-old Gavin was playing.

Surveillance cameras at the Grant family’s home in Sherman, Connecticut captured the dog’s heroic actions.

Gregory Grant said his son, Gavin, was playing in the yard when he spotted the bear just ahead of him. He got scared and started to run away. Jake also spotted the bear, but the 8-year-old Golden Retriever sprang into action and chased the bear away. In the surveillance footage Jake is seen rushing closely after the bear and driving it out of the yard.

Grant told WTNH News that he wasn’t sure if the bear was going to approach his son, but their loyal dog wasn’t going to take any chances and luckily everyone came out unharmed. Grant said that Jake has gotten plenty of rewards since for his heroism.

Grant said, “He got quite a few treats, he got ice cream, he got a bath that night. He got the whole nine yards…He helped us out that day for sure.”

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