Boy On His Way To School Saves Six Puppies Dumped In A Trash Bag

It makes me happy seeing young kids doing great things! Thirteen-year-old Jonathan Flatt was making his way to the school bus stop in Albuquerque when he heard an odd sound coming from the field along the road. He went to investigate and made a shocking discovery. There, stuffed in a trash bag, were six puppies!

“I realized these puppies are abandoned, they’re weak and stuff so I called my mom straight away,” Jonathan told KRQE News.

The tiny puppies had managed to chew through the bag but were starving and covered with ticks and far too young to be away from their mother.

“It took a couple days for them to start to trust us, but then they realized they’re not going to hurt me, this is who is going to feed me, this is who is going to take care of me,” said Jamie Flatt.

The Flatt family took the litter in and thanks to Jonathan, the dogs he saved will find good homes. In fact, two already have.

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