Big Dog Wants The Treat But The Small Dog Needs It

A cute video clip of two dogs reacting to the prospect of a getting treat is going viral for their contrasting expressions. The meme-worthy TikTok video is captioned, “The big one wants it, but the small one needs it.”

In the clip, a large beige dog is sitting by an open fridge looking up at his human, who is holding a left-over burger a wrapper in his hands. The big dog is sitting patiently. Then dog owner pans the camera over to his other dog – a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – and it’s instantly clear which dog is more excited.

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If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try the YouTube version below:

The little puppy wants it so badly! One viewer commented on reddit, “That’s Cavs for you. It’s not that they’re greedy, it’s just their stomachs are miniaturized blackholes.”

It’s unlikely the pup has a neurological disorder like syringomelia, as some might suspect. His shaky reaction is likely from being over-excited and food obsessed, like many dogs. TikTokker @b.m.d02 shared another video of the Cavalier and he doesn’t appear to shake his head for this particular morsel of food. Maybe he already knows it’s not as delicious? But he still gives it a stare-down and licks his lips in anticipation of another treat!

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