Big Dog Walks Into Dollar Store And Makes Himself At Home

“So, he just WALKED in?” That was the question police had when they arrived at the Dollar General in Florida to help the store staff with a 135-pound dog who had wandered in and didn’t want to leave.

Bentley the dog must have decided to do a little shopping after breaking out of a gate at his home earlier in the day because when he entered the store he “spent a couple of hours browsing” Bradenton Police Department wrote on a June 9 Facebook post.

The large dog lives just a few blocks away but he made himself perfectly at home in the store, which was fine with the staff until it came time to close up shop.

large dog wanders into dollar store

Bradenton Police Department

“Clerks went about their business until they really needed to lock up,” the Bradenton Police Department explained. The police arrived at the store to help with Bentley after receiving a call from the store.

Police included bodycam video of the officers trying to put a leash around Bentley, who was quite happy to see them. He approached them with a wagging tail before resuming his shopping up and down the aisles, saying ‘hello’ to anyone he met.

Eventually, officers got a leash around the giant dog and posed for photos before taking him outside where Bentley’s dad soon drove up to take his dog home.

“Bentley’s Dad realized he was missing and was grateful that the store, and officers, looked after him,” the police department explained, before adding Bentley does have a microchip. And so Bentley’s big night out ended in big smiles.

large dog wanders into dollar store

Bradenton Police Department

Bentley’s adventure reminds us a bit of Sisu’s. She is the formerly stray dog who wandered repeatedly into a dollar store because she loved the unicorn plush toy. She got a whole lot more than the toy on her shopping trip.

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