Bernadoodle Playing With Kittens Is A ‘Picture Of What Heaven Looks Like’

This adorable Bernadoodle named Stetson makes the sweetest big brother to three kittens. While outside on their family’s farm in Texas the kittens and Stetson enjoy playing together. Stetson hops and runs away with the kittens chasing after him.

The fact that he waits for the kittens to run close to him before he hops away just shows how adorable Stetson is when playing with his tiny siblings.

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No wonder the video gained over 2.5 million views on TikTok. One commenter wrote, “This is what I picture Heaven looks like.” Another agreed and said, “So this is what Heaven looks like.”

Many people were delighted with the video with one person exclaiming, “This makes my heart happy.”

“[It] doesn’t matter what kind of bad mood you’re in, this will make you feel better,” said another. “I could watch this all day,” added someone else.

Several viewers noted how the kittens bounce just like Stetson while they pursue him. Tabi, the pets’ mom, shared a short clip of just that – the kittens “hoppity hopping.”

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Stetson’s “besties” never leave his side, unless they are chasing after their mom.

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