Belgian Shot Putter Runs In Hurdles To Save Her Team And Ends Up Going Viral

A Belgian shot putter’s recent athletic effort is putting smiles on the faces of millions of people around the globe but it’s not because she excelled in her chosen sport. It’s because she ran in the hurdles to save her team from being disqualified.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way for Belgian shot putter Jolien Boumkwo at the European Athletics Team Championships on Saturday in Poland. But after all her teammates pulled-out due to injury and weren’t able to participate in the 100-metre hurdles race, Boumkwo stepped up and “took one for the team.”

As footage from the race revealed, she cautiously approached each hurdle but managed to clear all of them and earned a respectable 2 points to keep her team in the ranking!

Not only is her hurdle race going viral, but Boumkwo’s good cheer and sportsmanship are earning her cheers and accolades from sports fans worldwide.

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