How To Make An Incredible Rose Cake

Cakes and flowers just seem to complement each other. It’s something about the colors and shapes of flowers that make them the perfect shape to emulate and decorate a cake with. Vanessa of Cake Style takes this idea a step further and makes a “ginormous” sculpted rose cake that is a real showstopper!

Vanessa says she uses modeling chocolate instead of fondant for the pedals as “Fondant would have to have padding to support for the better part of a day, and the petals on the last row, could easily droop or break.”

Personally, I prefer the taste of chocolate over fondant, so that’s a change I like!

Take a look at Vanessa’s tutorial for her Beautiful Rose cake below! Please share this amazing recipe with your friends!

If you have the ambition to make it, here are the materials you’ll need as listed in the video’s description:

Two 6″ round cakes (vanilla flavor)
600g (1lb 5oz) Sweet buttercream
1.2kg (3lb 10oz) Modelling chocolate
– 150g (5.3oz) Dark pink – 3 parts Wilton Rose and 2 parts Sugarflair Ruby
– 300g (10.5oz) Mid Pink – 3 parts Wilton Rose and 2 parts Sugarflair Ruby
– 600g (1lb 5oz) Light Pink – 3 parts Wilton Rose and 2 parts Sugarflair Ruby
– 50g Mid Green (1.7oz) – 3 parts Americolor Leaf Green and 2 parts Americolor Forest Green – 100g Dark Green (3.5oz) – Americolor Forest Green
Large spatula
Turntable (optional)
3 3/4” Round cake plate
12″ Square cake board
Large Bread Knife
Metal/ Plastic scraper
Small rolling pin
Cornflour/ Cornstarch
Small paintbrush
Exacto knife
Water or clear alcohol
Toothpick or scribe tool
2 3/4″, 2 1/2″, and 3 3/4″ cookie cutters
Cake leveller (optional)
Parchment paper
Green craft cutting board (optional)

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