Beagle Dad Has Adorable Conversation With His Sassy Pup

We’re not sure if anything has ever been as cute as this conversation between a Beagle dad and his puppy. Leo is spending some quality time with his daughter Lilly and the two seem absorbed in a deep conversation.

Lilly is at eye level with her dad thanks to a bench. She’s not only playful with him she gives him an earful too! In return, Leo is teaching her how to howl like a beagle, and as you’ll hear, she’s a fast learner!

At one point dad looks over at his human as if to say, “Do you hear the way this kid is talking to me?” He’s both proud and “mock” frightened of his sassy daughter!

Watch their delightful chat in the video below.

Leo and Lilly remind us of Chaucer the Bulldog when he met his feisty daughter for the first time. Watch them here!

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