Bachelor Party Turns Into Puppy Rescue When Men Find Mama And Her Pups In The Woods

A bachelor party turned into an unexpected puppy rescue for 8 men in Tennessee recently. The rescue operation began on the first day when they were cooking bacon in a cabin in the woods and a skinny dog suddenly appeared at their front door.

The men befriended the dog who turned out to be sweet and friendly and wouldn’t stop wagging her tail. They noticed she was dehydrated and malnourished and must have recently had puppies, but that her milk had dried up. After they gave her some food and water she began to lactate again, which indicated to them she was a new mother.

When they noticed that she was very protective in one area in the woods they went to investigate and they discovered a big hole – it was her den – and inside were seven puppies!


Trevor Jennings

They scooped the puppies out and made sure that their mama knew they meant no harm.

“We set each pup individually down in front of her and she nuzzled their faces and she checked out the pups and to the person holding them, she gave the look of, ‘It’s OK, I trust you,’” Craddock told ABC News. He continued, “Every single one had a big fat belly on them. The mom had given the pups literally everything she had.”

They named the mom Annie and the puppies Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose and brought them back home and out of the woods. The puppies were dirty and covered in fleas so the men set to work.

“Well, we’re washing our puppies, because they had all come out of a hole and they were all dirty, so there was a group of rough men going down to go four-wheeling, but instead they are inside washing puppies,” Craddock told Michigan News.

On the third day of looking after the puppies, the men took the money they originally intended for beer and bought puppy food instead. They had decided on a plan of action.

They weren’t about to leave the mama and her pups behind. Instead, the groom and his groomsmen each agreed to adopt a dog and now Annie and her puppies all live within 5 miles of each other.

That’s because the men have homes all close by to each other in Michigan. As for their families, they’re pretty happy with the outcome.

Now that’s what I call a bachelor party to remember!

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