Baby Sea Lion Who Was Cold And Hurt Turns To Diver For Help

This baby sea lion may have been cold or scared of a predator, so when the pup saw a safe place to hang out, the little baby jumped on the opportunity

Rick Coleman was returning to his kayak after a dive when he got the most adorable, unexpected visitor. A baby sea lion surprised him and jumped onto his kayak looking for a bit of help.

He had just finished a night-time dive when he heard a splashing noise.


He was startled by a baby sea lion, who jumped onto his kayak.

sea lion pup on kayak

He attempted to get the pup off his kayak so he could paddle to shore, but the baby jumped back on board.


The pup stayed with him for the entire paddle back to shore.


He was concerned the pup might be sick. So he called Harbor Patrol dispatch and reached a man affiliated with Animal Rescue.


Pups often get cold since they don’t have much body fat. “My kayak buddy may have simply been seeking a place to warm up,” said Rick.


Rick had his camera on the entire time, so he caught the whole experience on video.

After about 45 minutes ashore the pup warmed up and swam away. Rick said the night and pup made for a “a very special experience” he won’t soon forget.

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