Aggressive Feral Pig Not Happy To See Her Rescuers At First

A feral boar was in a panic after getting stuck in a water pit. She tried to climb out but kept sliding back in. Thankfully, Good Samaritans called Animal Warrior Conservation Society to help the drowning animal.

The boar behaved aggressively towards the rescuers so they opted not to go into the water to help her. Instead, they decided to try and lasso her but she didn’t trust them and she kept biting at the ropes.

After several attempts, they finally got the rope around her but she wasn’t able to climb out because she was so tired. They had to be careful not to tangle the wild pig in the ropes but eventually she seemed to understand they were trying to help her. That doesn’t mean she liked it!

Once on dry land she charged at them before running off into the woods. But the rescuers and locals were still happy to see her safe and applauded their successful rescue.

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