Miniature Horse Gives Birth To World’s Smallest Horse Ever Born

Born at just 14 inches tall, Itty Bitty Hope is tied with the record of the world’s smallest horse. Diana Gilger, of Mystic Rock Miniatures Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma, said she had an idea Hope was going to be small because her mother wasn’t really showing during her pregnancy. Some doubted she was even pregnant, but sure enough, out popped tiny Hope. Of course, Hope’s mother, Jazz, and her father are both miniature horses.

When she’s ready, Itty Bitty Hope is going to Linda and Jim Woods of Mini Hooves of Love. Their charity is devoted to therapy horses who visit children’s hospitals, nursing homes, etc. It’s the perfect role for a horse of her stature!

Itty Bitty’s also getting lots of affection from Diana Gilger’s family before she goes to the Woods so that she’s set on the right foot for her future as a therapy horse. “She’s very sweet,” says Diana. “She’s adorable. I still can’t get over how cute she is.”

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