Adorable Deaf Dog Thinks She Is Barking

A deaf dog who learned how to bark from watching other dogs has the most adorable bark. But unlike many other dogs, her bark is silent!

Tiktokker @lind_saymyname shared the adorable video of Reggie and says that Reggie has seen other dogs do this but doesn’t know she’s supposed to make noise.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, here’s the original TikTok version.


Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. 🐶 🗣 ##dogsoftiktok ##doggo

♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly

Reggie was adopted from Mansfield Animal Shelter in Mansfield, Texas. Although she had big ears, the shelter staff suspected she was deaf and said she might be a Dalmatian bull terrier mix.

She knows two hand signals, sit and down.


The two hand signs my deaf dog knows: sit and down 😂 Reply to @bambimeetsgodzilla ##dogsoftiktok ##fyp

♬ F Boy – Ander Huang & DJ Kuromi

And Reggie is still practicing her bark. She either can lip read really well, or she maybe hears a bit of sound when her mom prompts her?


Reply to @jssynadori on a scale of 🥺 to 🤫 how is she doing? ##deafdog ##dogtok ##fyp

♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly

People loved that Reggie looks so happy and proud of herself when she barks. “Her smile while she’s barking just does it for me,” wrote one viewer. “She has no idea that she’s different and she just keeps on smiling.”

Other viewers noted that Reggie’s human talks out loud to her (which, granted, might be partly for the video.) But many viewers with deaf dogs revealed that they too talk to their dogs even if they can’t hear.

Said one person on reddit, “My pup is deaf too and is similar – she makes chuffing sounds when she’s excited or happy – and she barks if she’s super hyped chasing a dog in the park. And you just can’t help it, it’s hard not to talk to them even if they can’t hear. I’ll tell her to “sit/go lay down/high five” “good girl” “who’s the cutest little puppy??” etc out loud.”

Another vet technician said that they work with veterinarians. “Literally every single time a deaf animal comes in, the knowledge that it is deaf does not prevent the onslaught of baby voices and cooing at it as per protocol. We are even boarding a 100% deaf dog right now and I tell her good morning every morning.”

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