24 Ridiculously Funny Dog Pictures

Dogs can make us laugh more than any other animal on the planet. There’s just something about their goofy expressions, or their funny behavior that brings on the smiles. Thank goodness the Internet was created so that pet parents can share their funny dog pictures with the rest of the world. Here are 24 that are so cute, I had a a hard time picking a favorite.

1. “I’m puppy sitting this weekend and she the most beautiful golden. Don’t mind my dog in the background.”

2. “Our dog threw up last night at 4 am. He kept me company while I cleaned it up.”

3. “This is how our dog greets us when we get home.”

4. “My friends’ dogs….Walter hates Max.”

5. “My friend’s dog is always concerned about everything.”

6. “My dog broke :/”

7. “I forgot how to dog.”

8. “My sister snapped a picture of our dog mid-bark – This is what she looked like.”

9. “My local animal rescue center brought in a dog named ‘John Travolta’.”

10. “Is it just me, or does this dog look like the real life Scooby-Doo?”

11. “Here’s a picture of a dog sneezing. Have a good day.”

12. “I came home from vacation yesterday, and my dog hasn’t left me alone since.”

13. “I think my dog is just done with our trip.”

14. “My dog when there is food around.”

15. “My sister and her fiancé decided to take their dog to their engagement pictures…”

16. “Had to do a double take. Thought my dog was a furry bodybuilder for a second.”

17. “I think my dog just died a little bit on the inside when I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger.”

18. “My friend couldn’t find her dog anywhere. And then her neighbor called.”

19. “…My dog’s “fetch face.”

20. “My dogs fell asleep playing with a tennis ball.”

21. “So I pretended to throw a ball and caught the exact moment my dog realised I had betrayed him…”

22. “My friend’s dog decided to join the fun of a slip and slide, instant regret.”

23. “After reading that dogs lick the mouths of whomever they feel is in charge, I just feel like this dog is thinking ‘I can’t handle this much responsibility’.”

24. “No, You Stay! STAY!”

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