Zoom Meeting Interrupted By Dancing Kid Becomes Even Funnier When Father Stands Up

When a Joseph’s son interrupted a Zoom meeting, it turned out to be much more revealing moment than he was expecting. What could have been an embarrassing moment for the father and worker, turned instead into a moment of good humor and communal laughter as you are about to see!

The video clip was posted to reddit by Kaalvuis and was captioned “Perks of working from home.”

Many commenters revealed that they, their husbands and others, all had taken to dressing down with Zoom calls through the pandemic. One student wrote, “I started university at the start of 2020. By the end of last year, half the class is zooming in dressing gowns or PJ pants with cupcakes. We all know everyone’s kids/dogs/cats/partners, and every week my Thai language teacher has a new plant on her bookshelf ‘cos she needs to find a reason to get out of the house.”

The top comment on the post – “this is so wholesome haha” – embraces the idea that kindness and humor are a great remedy to the pandemic blues.

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