Young Woman Who Weighed 414 Pounds Loses Over Half Her Bodyweight In 15 Months

At 414 pounds, Kaitlyn Smith knew she needed to radically change her lifestyle to improve her weight and her health.

She considering gastric bypass surgery to lose weight but after dealing with a rude doctor, she decided to do it the old fashioned way, through exercise and a strict diet.

She began to eat “clean” and did not cheat. “I didn’t skip workouts. I didn’t make excuses,” she writes. It wasn’t without its challenges, the biggest being her own negative thinking. Although it was a struggle, Kaitlyn began to see results.

The video below chronicles Kaitlyn’s determination and her year-long journey of how she lost 208 pounds!

Kaitlyn not only achieved her goal to lose weight, the experience changed her attitude towards herself and she’s paying it forward helping others who want to improve their health too.

Since reaching her target weight, Kaitlyn has been receiving surgeries to remove her excess skin, after a plastic surgeon donated his services after reading her story. The surgeries are a necessary next stage in her transformation as excess skin can lead to many health complications such as infections, joint pains, and irritation. Kaitlyn says once her surgeries are done, she plans on continuing her fitness routine and plans on helping others achieve what she has.

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