Young Dancers Have Everyone In Tears With Incredible Tribute To Manchester

Dance act RISE performed an incredibly moving routine to pay tribute to victims of the Manchester terror attack on a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

Hollie Booth is one of the members of RISE and is still dancing after sustaining injuries in the attack that took the life of her aunt and left her seriously hurt. She shared her story on stage surrounded by her friends. She explained to the judges “It’s always difficult coming to Manchester” but she didn’t let that stop her from participating in the dance.

The dance group incorporated wheelchairs into their routine and aptly set the dance to a medley of Ariana Grande songs. After they were done, the crowd let out thunderous applause and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Head Judge Simon Cowell said of the audition: “To get through what you went through and come here and turn a negative into a positive is incredible. You’ve come on and shown what you’re made of.” He added, “This will inspire a lot of people. I salute you.”

Watch RISE’s inspirational, heartfelt dance in the video below.

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