Young Boy Buys Painting For $2 At Junk Auction, Gets Astonishing News From Appraiser

This young boy thinks he is going to be rich buying and selling antiques, and based on his latest discovery, I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

The boy brings in a painting he found and purchased for just two dollars to the Antiques Roadshow to see if his painting is worth anything. He explains to Antiques Roadshow evaluator David Weiss, that he enjoys buying and selling glass, sterling silver and other collectibles.

David is impressed by the young boy’s eye for antiques and asks how he happened across the picture. The young boy enthusiastically explains how he stumbled across the painting while out with his dad at a junk auction.

“This piece was found at an auction in South Jersey – I got it for two bucks. We thought it was a watercolor, but we couldn’t tell because of the UV glass,” he says.

David agrees that it is a watercolor and then points out the signature in the corner of the painting, which indicates it’s a painting by a late 19th century Dutch artist by the name of Albert Neuhuys.

David asks, “You paid two dollars, what do you think it might be worth today?” The boy guesses $150 bucks, but when he is told the real value he’s completely blown away.

Wait until you see his reaction and what he says afterwards. This young collector is most certainly a budding antiques dealer!

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