Workers Find An Old Wallet, Get A Big Surprise When They Open It Up

Workers could not believe what they found in this old theatre and neither could the owner of the long lost item.

It’s never a good feeling when you lose a wallet. But to be reunited with one 71 years after it gone missing is not only very unusual, it makes for a great story to tell family and friends.

Larry Sloane was doing renovations on the old theatre he owns when workers found something under the floorboards on the third floor. There, stuck in between the slats, was an old wallet. It was covered in dust but otherwise in good shape. But when they opened it up, there were items inside they didn’t recognize. Just how old was this wallet?

Inside they found food ration stamps from WWII, an old boy scout card, faded photos and a pocket calendar dated 1944! They couldn’t believe how old the wallet was, but now they just needed to figure out who the wallet belonged to.

A handwritten ID gave them all they needed to know. Handwritten on the car was the name “Clare MacIntosh”, with the contact phone number – a simple “8”.

Amazingly, that’s all Larry (a former investigator) needed to track down Clare McIntosh. When Clare, 85, first got the call from Larry he told him he hadn’t lost his wallet. But the memories came flooding back when the two met and Clare saw the wallet he had lost when he was 15 years old!

Watch Larry reunite Clare with his long-lost possession in the video below and share it with your friends!

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