Man Finds Woodpecker Has Taken Over His Grill And Made It Into Giant Bird Feeder

A man recently discovered that he no longer has the use of his barbecue grill because it had been taken over by a woodpecker.

Sage Frye posted a video on reddit under “Animals Being Jerks,” stating he “no longer has a grill.” Instead, it appears to have been transformed into a giant bird feeder! The Northern Californian noticed a woodpecker flying over to his grill and landing on top. The bird has a nut in its mouth. It ducks down out of sight and then flies away, the nut no longer in its beak.

Camera in hand, Sage decides to go check out what is going on and leaves his house to check the grill in his yard. And the moment he lifts the lid…

Wow, that’s quite a stash of acorns (Sage believes them to be black oak acorns)!

It’s amazing how fast animals can accumulate a supply. After seeing the number of acorns in the grill one redditor commented, “That looks like a TON of work for that little bird. Stackin’ nuts to the sky,” to which Sage answered, “Trust me, they’ll make it right back. 2 weeks ago, it was totally empty.”

Another was amazed by the number of acorns. Sage explained, “Yeah, in California the Black Oaks make some large acorns, and boy, do they make a lot of them” adding that it is exhausting work to clear them up and takes days and days to rake all of them off the ground.

Several redditors asked Sage if he let the woodpecker “keep all his hard work in there?” Sage says that he plans to let the woodpecker keep his winter stash in the grill. “Yeah, I closed the lid afterwards. Even if I had removed them, though, they would have rebuilt in a matter of weeks.”

Other viewers wondered how the woodpecker plans on getting the acorns out. Will he try and peck a hole in his metallic hollow tree? We think the woodpecker has cleverly figured out it can withdraw the acorns from the handy open slot on the side of the grill.

Sage’s discovery reminds us of Mark Von Thaden’s recent discovery. He was renovating his poolhouse when he discovered what the woodpeckers in his neighborhood had been busily up to. You can see the “treasure trove” woodpeckers left behind for him here.

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