Man Renovating Pool House Finds Hilarious ‘Treasure’ Left Behind By WoodPeckers

People uncover all sorts of interesting things in the walls of homes they are renovating. Old newspapers, cash, and other mementos. But Mark Von Thaden of California made a memorable find of a different sort when he was renovating his pool house.

Mark wanted to redo the sidings of the structure, but after he peeled away the wooden panels he noticed the walls were riddled with holes made by woodpeckers.

But the woodpeckers weren’t seeking out a tasty morsel to eat, but actually using the pool house as a giant pantry/treat dispenser!

Mark soon realized that the woodpeckers were busily stuffing acorns through the holes for what must have been years!

The moment Mark peels back some insulation back the acorns pour out. The “treasure trove” of acorns reminds me of a bulk food bin filled with nuts. So many acorns were slotted through the holes and hiding behind the insulation that they filled the walls from floor to ceiling.

Mark isn’t as amazed by the discovery as others watching his video. He lets out an exasperated sigh and exclaims, “Oh, how I hate woodpeckers”.

But the woodpeckers must have been frustrated too, given they stashed so many acorns in the hollow “tree” only to never be able to get them out! Or perhaps the industrious birds did find a way to get back their precious tree seeds. Who knows? All Mark knows is he’s got a lot of clean-up work ahead of him thanks to those darn woodpeckers!

Watch Mark’s hilarious discovery in the video below and share it with your friends.

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