Woman’s Attempt To Free Chipmunk From Window Goes Hilariously Wrong

A woman’s attempt to rescue a chipmunk stuck inside her window went hilariously wrong. Ashley Caron of Massachusetts tried to free the tiny animal but was a little bit afraid. Actually, she was a lot scared.

In the now viral video she shared of the rescue, she can be heard pleading with the rodent to “please don’t bite me, don’t do anything crazy, don’t give me any diseases or my family,” as she gingerly approaches the window. What she wants is for the chipmunk to “go back to your happy whimsical life.”

As she gets closer to the window pane she tells her children in downstairs, “If I scream, everything is fine.” But then things proceeded not to be fine as you’ll see in the video below:

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As Caron lifts the window to try and coax the chipmunk to jump down and scurry out of the house, Caron’s husky, Boss, suddenly appears and decides to “save the day” by snatching the animal up in his mouth and running away, prompting Caron to scream even louder!

But did the chipmunk make it? Yes, yes he did. Caron says that she chased after her dog onto the outside balcony and Boss dropped it and the chipmunk ran off to live another day. Caron got extra confirmation from her neighbors that they saw the chipmunk scurry away.

Caron took to TikTok after the event to explain more of the circumstances around the chipmunk rescue – she loves animals, there was good reason her dog was nearby and unfortunately she couldn’t push out the screen beforehand. And her neighbors had thought to call police when they heard her screams…

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Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the end and “all’s well that ends well.”

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