Woman Shocked To See Bright Pink Pigeon Out Of Her Window

A woman was shocked when she looked out of her window and spotted a bright pink pigeon. Kelly Lunney was visiting her mother in her apartment in Nelson, Lancashire in the UK when she saw the unusual bird.

Lunney believes it could be a pink pigeon – Nesoenas mayeri – native to Mauritius. But other people think that the pigeon may have been dyed.

This could be the case, because the Pink pigeons of Mauritius are not quite so fluorescent. They tend to have a peachy-colored breast and back and a dark pink beak.

But Lunney believes it’s the “real deal.” She told Metro UK, “It’s got pink feet. And when it picks up its wings, it’s got white lines underneath it, and it looks identical on both sides when it’s flying.

There are thought to be only around 500 of the birds left in the wild.

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