Good Samaritan Saves Kittens Thrown Into River By Cruel Woman

A woman came to the rescue of three kittens that were intentionally thrown into the river. A group of children were playing in the park along the banks of the Tuga River in Nowy Dwór Gdański, northern Poland on a Sunday evening in August 2021 when they heard the desperate meowing coming from a white plastic bag bobbing in the water.

The children immediately called 911. Firefighters arrived on the scene but couldn’t reach the bag with the reach pole they had so it appears they leave the scene to get a longer one. But knowing time was of the essence one woman, Mrs. Klaudia, who was visiting the park with her four-year-old daughter heroically stripped down to her underwear and plunged into the river to save the cats.

Klaudia swam over to the bag and pulled the bag from the river, just as the firefighters return. When she opened the bag she immediately began to warm the three newborn kittens inside. Sadly one of the three kittens had perished.

Surveillance footage later released by Pomorska Policja show exactly what transpired. Minutes before the kittens’ rescue a woman is seen approaching the water’s edge with a plastic bag and throwing it into the water before walking away.

The video is fast-forwarded to the arrival of the firefighters and Klaudia’s subsequent heroic actions.

Minutes after the rescue, police successfully arrested a 67-year-old woman in the neighborhood and charged her with animal cruelty.

As for the kittens, Klaudia took the surviving kittens home. She went to the vet, where they were given help. Klaudia assured everyone that the kittens both recovered. She told Polish news outlet TVN24, “They eat, they take care of themselves, I hope that everything will be okay with them.”

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