Woman Saves Baby Fox With Jar Stuck Over His Head

Jennifer Adleman was looking into her backyard when she spotted a baby animal in trouble. A baby fox had a peanut butter jar stuck over his head! She immediately went outside to help him, thinking she would be able to gently grab the jar and free him. But the animal was so scared he ran away.

sceenshot via YouTube/Dodo

Knowing she needed help, Adleman called the Animal Humane Society, but neither she or animal control were able to find him in the bushes.

Later, Adleman spotted his mom calling for her baby but the little fox was nowhere to be found. Adleman ended up getting a cage from a rescuer and left out some food with the trap, hoping that might work. She stayed up all night, waiting for the fox to show up but two fat raccoons did instead! Then she got a net and didn’t have to wait very long to use it!

Thankfully, it was a quick process to take the jar off of the fox’s head. Seeing that he looked really well was a relief to Adleman and she knew it was okay to release him back to his family! She told the Dodo afterwards, “I still think this is one of my greatest achievements.”

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