Man Spends 58 Years Trying To Find The Abandoned Baby He Found In The Woods

When Dave Hickman was 14 years old he was out hunting with his grandfather when he heard an unfamiliar “cooing” sound coming from the woods. He went to investigate and was shocked to discover an abandoned baby girl.

The infant had been wrapped in a towel and left in the cold. The baby was taken to hospital and for several months, Dave did not hear anything. Then, one day, the nurses brought the baby to him to so he could say “goodbye”. They told him she had been adopted.

That was in 1955 and for 58 years, Dave couldn’t forget the infant he had saved. “I’ve seen that image of her laying in the weeds, and me standing on top of the fence every day of my life. And I’ll probably always see that…” he said.

He wanted to find out what happened to that little baby, but had not been able to trace any information. One fateful day he got a call from a retired local sheriff, who had some amazing news. He knew who the baby had grown up to be and she was living close by.

Watch as Dave reunites with the baby he saved so many years ago. What a happy, emotional moment that must have been for these two.

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