Woman Rescues Neglected Pit Bull Abandoned in the Forest Near Her Home

Cheryl Minskey has a home filled with rescue dogs who are “cherished members” of her family. So when she heard about a stray Pit Bull abandoned in the forest near her home she decided to rescue her.

Before her attempted rescue, Cheryl learned that two Pit Bulls had been dumped. Animal rescuers managed to save one but not the other. They tried for two days to capture the female dog unsuccessfully.

Cheryl thought she would try herself and with the help of a friend with a German Shepherd she caught “Honey” without problem because the one-year-old dog was in heat.

Cheryl could seen Honey had been badly neglected. The dog was very skinny and afraid of people.

“When I set out to rescue this scared, neglected pit bull that had been abandoned in the forest, I had no plan except to save her life,” Cheryl explains. “I originally was going to take her to the shelter but I just couldn’t expose her to anymore trauma. She was scared enough. So I took her home and rehabilitated her with the thought of getting her a good home.”

Honey slowly came out of her shell, meeting Cheryl’s rescue dogs and revisiting the forest where she had been left. But now, she could enjoy running and playing. As Honey’s rehabilitation continued, Cheryl realized that Honey belonged with her family. “…[W]e became very bonded and we’ve shared many adventures. She is now a beloved member of my family and living the best life possible. I look forward to many more adventures with my Honey B. Sweet.”

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