Woman In Hot Tub Thinks She’s Being Watched, Then She Spots The Tiny Spy

A woman in Limerick, Maine was enjoying a soak in her hot tub when she felt like she was being watched. That’s when she noticed a tiny tree frog and turned on her smartphone!

“I was sitting in my hot tub alone, resting at my house – when I felt like something was watching me and saw this tree frog totally ogling me,” the lady in the hot tub wrote. “Thought it was pretty funny.”

Viewers thought the “peeping frog” was pretty funny too. One commented, “He’s thinking “aren’t you done yet? my turn now…'”

“My daughter every time I take a bath,” said another.

“Sneaky little one,” wrote another. “Very cute!”

“He was the cursed prince from Disney Land. You were supposed to kiss him,” joked another.

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