Woman Gets A Makeover That’s So Good That Even Her Own Own Husband Doesn’t Recognize Her

Be ready to be blown away by this incredible makeover! Mary Johnson was unsure how the makeover would go, she just knew she wanted one. But the end result not only surprised her, her own husband didn’t immediately recognize her at first.

Mary is from Fargo, North Dakota, and paid a visit to the Makeover Guy’s ReVamp salon in Minneapolis after seeing some videos of other women getting one done. She was looking for a more confident look, one that would make her feel good about herself. She admits she was a little anxious, but fully ready for complete transformation.

“I would say, I’m not sure of the outcome,” Mary says in the interview prior to her makeover. “But, after looking at all those videos, they do such a wonderful job here. I can’t imagine anything going wrong.”

When asked further about her motivation for wanting a makeover at this point in her life, Mary shares, “To spark some incentive – I’m in a weight loss challenge right now with a friend of mine, and I’ll see him probably next year.” Mary goes on to say, “I just want incentive to develop some self discipline.”

Christopher is known for the makeovers he gives women over forty, and had a special surprise for Mary up his sleeve. After he’s done, it’s like Christopher has turned Mary into a whole new woman – she looks amazing. Mary is thrilled with the results and feels incredible. And when she goes to show her husband, he does a double take and tells her “he wouldn’t have recognized her”.

Watch the amazing transformation in the video below.

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