Woman Buys Valuable Map At Goodwill Store For Twenty Dollars

This woman bought an old-looking map at a goodwill store for $20 because she thought it was pretty. She liked it very much, noting the markings and design. It was when she studied the map at home she thought she saw a crease – an indication that it’s a real antique map.

She knew this tidbit of information from watching the Antiques Roadshow. So when the popular TV show came to her town, she brought her map to antique appraiser Christopher Lane to have him give her more information.

At first, Lane wasn’t sure there was a centrefold on the map. But after looking at it more closely and touching it, he determined it was indeed an original map dating from 1640! In fact, he could name the map. It’s the Willem Blaeu World Map and one of the most famous (and reproduced) maps in history.

Made in Amsterdam, the hand-coloured map is extremely popular and very collectible. So it’s no wonder that the woman was floored when Lane gave her the estimated value.

Even though it’s pasted down, the map has an estimated worth of $10,000.

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