Woman Builds A Tiny Home And Lives In Her Neighbor’s Backyard

Dee Williams used to live in a 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom home. She traveled to Guatelama to help build a school house and when she came home she felt her house was too big. She wanted to build herself a home that fit.

That turned out to be a 84-square-foot home on wheels. She built it herself and it cost her $10,00: $5000 for the materials (mostly salvaged) and the other half for the solar panels and low-E (low thermals emissivity) windows.

When she moved into her 7×12 foot home back in 2004, Dee got rid of not just a $1000/month mortgage, but most of her stuff. Her new home is set up in her friend’s backyard and it’s pretty amazing. Dee is missing some amenities like running water in her tiny house, but she makes it work!

If you think Dee’s home is interesting take a look at this tiny Parisian apartment.

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