Woman Banned From Keeping Pets After Her Dog Burns Her Paws On Hot Pavement

Her dog’s paws were burning and bleeding as she walked on the hot pavement. But it wasn’t until bystanders intervened that a British woman’s dog got relief from her suffering.

German Shepherd Kitty Karna was being walked by 53-year-old Gosport resident Lesley Marieanne Duke in May this year when concerned residents spotted the dog struggling in the heat. There was blood coming from her paws before she collapsed of heat exhaustion. Fortunately, bystanders ran to the dog’s aid and confronted Duke before taking the dog to a vet for treatment.

One of the Good Samaritans shared what happened on Facebook writing:

“This poor dog has been walked from at least Fort Brockhurst to Anns Hill on feet ripped to shreds, cut on her neck and massively dehydrated to the point her temp is so high she was close to fitting! With help from others at the scene we got her in our car and she is now safe at the vet on oxygen and fluids.”

The Good Samaritan also noted that the dog’s owner showed no concern.

“Throughout the whole thing the woman didn’t see any problem or show any remorse or concern and even had the nerve to tell me, ‘It’s nothing to do with you go away!'”

Thankfully, she called the authorities.

“I have reported to RSPCA – please share and share so she doesn’t get the poor creature back if she survives!”

The appeal for information on Duke and the dog was posted on Spotted Gosport & Fareham, and Duke was later charged by the RSPCA after an investigation. She was banned from keeping animals for 5 years this week in court.

Sadly, although the 10-year-old dog looked initially like she was getting better, she suffered kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.

RSPCA inspector Jenny Ride, who investigated the case, thanked the strangers who stopped to help and cautioned dog owners to avoid taking their dogs out in extreme heat.

“Thankfully the kind people who saw her suffering rushed to her aid and took her to the vet where she was treated and deemed to be suffering,” Ride said in Portsmouth Magistrates Court, according to Metro UK. Duke admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering and on top of her 5-year pet ban, will have to do 80 hours of community work and pay court costs.

If you have any concerns about the temperature of the pavement on your dog’s paws, try the 5-second rule outlined here and learn to recognize the signs of heat stroke along with other safety tips.

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