Woman Hilariously Shares What Life With Her Pet Fruit Bat Is Like

There’s a long-standing belief that Britain is a country filled with eccentrics. This video from BBC’s archives isn’t going to put that belief to rest. If anything it’s going to renew debate about the “Great British eccentric.”

In the video from 1978, zoologist and pterodactyl expert Cherrie tells TV reporter Kieran Prendiville all about her pet fruit bat, Balls. During the interview, Balls comfortably hangs around Cherrie’s neck, his favorite place to perch.

Cherrie shares how she helped Balls find a girlfriend, his penchant for fruity alcohol, his hilarious brush with Hollywood, what it’s like traveling on the train with him. She also describes his adorably clever way of waking her up…by carefully lifting up her eyelid. Then there’s Prendiville’s reaction when she offers him Balls to hold.

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The interview made me laugh, smile and come away with a brand-new appreciation of fruit bats and their intelligence.

Other viewers have also expressed their opinions with one commenting, “Quite possibly the most bizarre, and funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Brilliant!”

Another wrote, “Ah the Great British eccentric, we don’t make them like this anymore!”

Watch the interview in the video below.

1978: That's Life: Balls the Fruitbat

#OnThisDay 1978: "My relationship began with having him as a sweet little baby bat…" Kieran Prendiville met zoologist and pterodactyl expert Cherry, and Balls, her pet fruitbat.

Posted by BBC Archive on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

For those wondering what Cherrie’s full name is, I believe it is Cherrie Bramwell, with this link to the Pterosaur database indicating Bramwell’s expertise in bats and “her eccentric habit of wearing a live pet fruit bat around her neck as a fashion accessory”.