Wolf Pack Give Chase To Group of Elk Through Deep Snow In Spectacular Video

A tourist witnessed an amazing natural spectacle while on a winter tour in Yellowstone National Park – a wolf pack giving chase to a herd of elk.

The visitor was on a private tour with a guiding company, Yellowstone Insight, on the Wyoming park’s Northern Range when they spotted the wolves from “Junction Pack.” In the video, the wolves can be seen moving single file to approach the elk from higher on the hill.

The small group of elk perk up when they notice the approaching predators.


The videographer described the scene to ViralHog as follows:

“Eleven of the Junction Pack tried to get a meal of elk for breakfast. But alas, the bull elk persevered as the snow was just too deep for the wolves. It was an amazing bit of Nature and Wildness that unfolded right in front of us.”

The wolves charge and struggle to give chase, but the elks’ longer legs give them an advantage in the deep snow.


At one point, two elk break off from the herd and make their way up a hill.


Several wolves follow and try to attack the lone elk, but the elk charge at them with their head down and antlers forward.


Eventually, the wolves gave up, unable to catch a single elk to eat.

The videographer explained:

“Wolves risk their lives to provide food for their family, with their face! And this is a typical scenario, where the pack expends a lot of energy, yet turns up empty. Elk 1, Wolves 0. Three out of four chase sequences are unsuccessful for wolves with elk. This chase sequence ended just like that, unsuccessful. The elk made it out of harm’s way on this day.”

Watch the spectacular hunt in the video below.

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