Elephant Gives Birth In Middle of a Safari, Seconds Later The Herd Greets New Baby

A group of lucky tourists on a safari in South Africa got to see a once-in-a-lifetime event when they came across a wild elephant giving birth!

The mother drops into a squat just before her baby comes out and falls to the ground. Seconds later the little one is rolling on the ground, not quite able to stand up on her own. Then the trumpeting begins and the other elephants come running over to celebrate and welcome the new baby into the herd.

The entire herd surrounds the mother and baby as a way of protecting it from any threat, no doubt because they sense the people nearby and also to give the newborn a chance to stand up and get its bearings.

All the adult elephants let out a series of deep vocals not only to warn anyone away, but also to celebrate the elephant’s birth.

Just listen how the elephant herd greets their newest member. What an incredible moment to witness!

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