Photo Reveals Dog’s Devotion To His Deceased Owner

If anyone ever tells you that dogs don’t have feelings, show them this story of a loyal dog named Wiggles.

Ever single day, Wiggles spends as much time as he can in an old tow truck that his human drove.

dog in truck

Photo credit: Reddit

Wiggles’ human passed away almost a whole year ago, but every day since then, Wiggles has insisted on getting inside he truck he used to sit in with his human.

Wiggles’ human’s son said that the truck is still used several times a day to help move cars around an impound lot. He writes, “Whenever someone is in the truck he gets in and goes for a ride around the yard. If no one is in the truck he will go to the drivers door and bark until someone lets him in. We have to pick him up and carry him out of it when its time to go home.”

Wiggles appears to find comfort sleeping in the driver’s seat and is upset when he gets taken out.

The son revealed that Wiggles was at the side of the bed in the living room when his father died: “He never left the room for the month dad was there. We had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom.”

Such devotion is so heartbreaking, but beautiful at the same time.

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