Wife Transforms Hunting Cabin Into Her Own Personal Paradise

Every couple needs their own personal down time, to collect their thoughts and get some peace and quiet.

For years, men have had their “man caves” to escape to, but now women are making their own personal spaces, in a trend called “she sheds”. These tiny personal paradises are often in backyards and no bigger than a garden shed. The space is transformed into a cozy oasis for women to hang out and recharge, away from their families and the stress of daily life.

Sandra is happily married, but she and her husband, Todd, have their differences like any two people and value their alone time. Sandra knew she wanted her own “she shed” after she found an old hunting cabin on their property in the Catskills.

Sandra has always wanted to indulge her passion for interior design and began to refurbish the hunting cabin into the home she always dreamed of. She reframed the exterior and found most of the furnishings at local yard sales and thrift shops, transforming the simple cabin into a mini Victorian home.

Now completed, Sandra’s “she shed” offers her a quiet, serene place to call her own. I’m sure after watching this video, many women will want to start planning their own personal refuges!

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