Golden Retriever Makes Anxious Dog And Cat Feel Right At Home

Sometimes all it takes is a hug to make a nervous someone feel loved.

Watson is a beautiful, blonde Golden Retriever is an easy going, loving dog. He’s been with his human since he was a puppy and he has a knack for putting everyone at ease.

Recently, Kiko, another Golden Retriever, joined the family. The dog has a lot of anxiety issues and was a bundle of nerves when he first arrived.

But as soon as he met Watson, he relaxed.

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He now has a brother he can lean on.

Then Harry the cat came along.

Normally, you’d think three’s a crowd. And adding a cat to a two-dog family? Well, you might think that could be unpredictable.

But no. Watson worked his magic again and now the adorable trio are winning hearts on Instagram. Pictures of the three snuggling and sleeping together will bring out the “warm fuzzies”.

Two’s company…

But three’s never a crowd in this home.

“Harry is not like other cats. He loves dogs and he has so much patience. He loves to cuddle and thinks he is a tiny puppy.”

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