Violinist Joined Pianist at Train Station for Impromptu Duet and They ‘Broke TikTok’

While waiting for his train, Pianist Aurélien Froissart began playing the public piano at the station in London, England when he was approached by a woman. A few minutes later, they would be attracting a crowd of onlookers as they played a rousing passage from Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’.

The young woman turns out to be an amazing violinist by the name of Ugne Liepa Zuklyte and between her lively, energetic performance and trying to remember all the parts, Froissart is kept on his toes.

No wonder their impromptu duet went viral on TikTok and got more than 74 million views in just a few days, leading Froissart to declare that they “broke TikTok.”

Froissart added, “This girl’s request became the best duet I’ve ever had.”

As you listened did you imagine a flock of sheep caught in a sudden summer rainstorm? That’s what Vivaldi intended as the story he wanted to tell with his music.

Froissart regularly stops at the public pianos wherever he happens to be (which is mostly in Paris). In the TikTok video below he plays one young woman’s request for Ave Maria and is joined by singer @Annelaurehulin.


@aurelien.froissart Watch this girl’s reaction when an unexpected guest joins me..🤯 #piano #avemaria #schubert #franzschubert #classicaltok #avemariaschubert #singer #soprano #pianovoice #prayer ♬ son original – Aurelien Froissart

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