Rescuers Separate Two Feral Cats But Learn They Can’t Survive Without The Other

Feral cats Sad Boy and Lola have a relationship unlike any Courtney and Molly have ever seen. The two cats are part of a semi-feral cat colony in a Tucson, Arizona, neighborhood called the Poets Square Cats. The cats in the neighborhood are looked after by some rescuers, including Courtney and Molly, who are trap-neuter-return advocates.

Courtney noticed that Lola is very protective of Sad Boy and jumps in front of anyone who gets too close. For his part, Sad Boy watches over Lola when she eats. The rescuers didn’t realize at the time just how bonded the two cats are. So when the cats were separated, things didn’t go as the rescuers were expecting.

When Lola moved into a foster she quickly began to deteriorate. And Sad Boy was a mess, he wasn’t grooming himself and looked very dirty. So Lola was quickly returned to Sad Boy and the transformation was incredible. Lola spent all night grooming Sad Boy and the next day he was clean.

The more Courtney and Molly watch the pair, the more they see just how in love the two cats are. They watch sunsets together, and the stars. They do everything together and Courtney says the cats have restored her faith in relationships and love.

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