Freshen Up And Clean Your Toilet By Making Your Own Scented Toilet Bombs

A toilet brush and bleach might do the trick for cleaning a toilet, but if you’re looking for a more pleasantly scented, easy solution you might want to try these homemade toilet bombs! To make them you only need a few basic household ingredients. None of the ingredients are harsh chemicals either, which make them ideal for freshening up the room and also are good for the environment. For this do-it-yourself project you will need:

1/2 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of citric acid
essential oils (30 drops)
spray bottle with water (optional, to spray in essential oils)
silicone baking molds

In the video below, NaturallyThriftyMom shows how to mix it all together and then pack the fizzy mix into your molds. They should set for around 6 hours so the toilet bombs properly dry, depending on how big your molds.

Even though the toilet bombs probably won’t disinfect a toilet as thoroughly as bleach and other off-the-shelf products, these toilet bombs will certainly help get rid of any unwanted smells in a jiffy. I see them as a great substitute to an aerosol spray to clean the air. Just drop one of these into the toilet and close the door behind you!

Ideally, I would have a stash of these in a container in the bathroom so they can be dropped in whenever they’re needed to freshen up the room. They’d be great if you have guests over too.

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