‘Daddy’s Home!’ Toddler Hilariously Tosses Off His Hat To Get To Dad Faster

It doesn’t take much to make a child incredibly happy. For this little boy, it’s an exciting time when daddy comes home. Mom Alexis Hatter shared the cute video of her son running to greet his dad home. The moment the boy heard his truck driver dad pull up to their home, he was off and running. And mom wants you to pay attention to her son’s hat. Or more particularly, “The way he chucks that hat…”

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If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try the YouTube version below:

Viewers were equally smitten with the toddler’s determined hat toss.

“When he threw that hat off, I lost it LOL,” wrote one viewer. “That hat was slowing him down! So excited to see his dad!! Love it!” said another.

Many agreed, the hat was a hinderance. “That hat was catching wind and slowing him down,” wrote a TikTokker.

“Hey y’all he hitting a homerun when he throw the hat,” laughed another.

Being a mom, Hatter added another caption to the heartwarming video – “Excuse the diaper, I swear we was changing the second he heard that 18 wheeler pull up.”

One viewer knew where Hatter was coming from and wrote, “Omg so frickin cute. Funny you commented on the diaper, you already know how social media gets down.”

A truck driver added his perspective, “I drive a truck 5 days out of the week and nothing melts my heart more than seeing the smile on my son’s face when I walk through the door.”

Hatter shared a cute follow-up video showing her son has done away with the hat in exchange for some cool “shades.” She captions the TikTok, “Now that he has become famous all over he has to have his Hollywood glasses.”

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