Rescue Dog Takes Care Of Toddler When He Is Sick

Devin and Jake weren’t planning on adopting a dog as part of their newlywed family, but when they met Toby, they fell in love with him and soon discovered he “fit perfectly” in their home.

They adopted him when his owner could no longer care for him and left him at a local bank. Soon after, baby Carter arrived and the moment Toby met him, he loved him.

The two do everything together and look after each other in the sweetest ways.

Like this time when Carter got sick and Toby snuggled him while they watched TV. “Poor Carter woke up sick last night. He had both Mom and Dad in his room trying to comfort him yet he still couldn’t be calmed. I’m sure you can guess who he cried for (and who was quick to respond to his cry)…. Toby,” writes Devin. Mom caught the precious moment on video!

Click the image to play.

Or when Carter gives Toby breakfast.

He also likes to give Toby water…while taking a bath.

The two hang out and people watch too. They especially like watching the kids and school bus go by.

They dress up together.

Go to the park together.

And know how to cheer each other up. Like the time Carter had a fever and Toby licked his foot.

These two are the cutest siblings and will be best friends forever!

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