Practical Safety Tips For Avoid Being Attacked Around Your Car

Are you distracted when exiting or getting into your car? If you are, you could be putting yourself at risk of being attacked.

In the tutorial video below, we see a woman exiting a store and being preoccupied on her mobile phone. She’s so absorbed in texting that she doesn’t notice the man next to her car until it’s too late. It’s a terrifying scenario, but one that could be avoided if the young woman had been more conscious of her surroundings.

“Getting in and out of your car is a high risk area for an assault,” says the narrator in the video. “It’s known as fringe area since many attacks have happened by cars.” That’s why the tips this video provides are are useful reminder of what to do if you notice someone suspicious near your vehicle.

This advice is good for anyone, old or young, male or female. A criminal may not be out to kidnap you, but they could want to rob you, steal your car or even your pets.

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