How To Defog Your Car Windows Effectively And Keep Them From Steaming Up

Everyone has to deal with foggy car windows when the cold weather rolls around. It’s a pain, especially when you have to get somewhere fast, but there are some handy techniques to help speed up the defogging process and get you on your way.

First up, what’s the best product you can use to keep condensation off of your windows? YouTuber ChrisFix evaluates his favorite product RainX against popular home remedies and “urban myths” including shaving cream, toothpaste, potatoes, hand sanitizer and even avocados.

Did any work? Surprisingly, yes. Chris says that RainX works just great, but if you don’t want to spend money on the product, try shaving cream. It surprisingly works really well. All the other products he tried, didn’t work and just made the windows dirty. You can watch his evaluation of the various items in the video below.

Next up, is there an optimal way to use your car’s heating system to defrost your windows effectively? Mark Rober digs into the science of defogging your car windows and came up with a few expert tips. He suggests:

1. Turn up your heater full blast. The heat will dry out the moisture.
2. Then turn your car’s air conditioning at the same time.
3. Be sure that your inside air circulation is off — you want to have cold outside air coming into your car while you’re running the heat.
4. Crack your side windows a little bit to bring in even more cold, dry outside air.
5. He also suggests the very same defogging products as ChrisFix – a product like RainX or shaving cream.

So the optimal way to clear that foggy moisture is to apply hot air as directly to your windshield as you can while making sure you have the air circulating through the car drier as best as possible.

Check out Rober’s full video for yourself below.

Finally, there’s also the long standing trick of filling up a sock with some cat litter and placing it on your car dashboard. You can check out that solution in the video here.

Share these handy tips for defogging your car windows with your friends and family so they can drive with clear visibility this winter!

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