Rescuers Save Three Scared Dogs Stuck On Mountainside In Freezing Weather

Usually Hope For Paws rescues stray dogs from city sewers and busy highways, but in this rescue they ventured high into the mountains of Wrightwood, California to save three stranded sisters.

For more than a week local rescuers had tried to rescue the trio of scared dogs but were unsuccessful. The temperatures were below freezing on the day Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli arrived to help, so I can only imagine how cold it was at night for the dogs!

Luckily, they managed to catch Ginger on the steep hillside and haul her to safety! They then lowered two traps and asked the other rescuers to watch them while they took Ginger to the vet. By the time they got to hospital, Sage was caught, followed two days later by Emma!

The dogs were all adopted through SoCal Labrador Rescue.

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