Three Dogs Have The Funniest Reaction To Stuffed Lion In Their House

Three dogs got a huge surprise when their family brought home a stuffed lion and put it in a room. As soon as they see the doggie-sized toy all three dogs go on high alert. Who is this strange animal? Is he a threat? All three are hesitant at first but the bulldog inches bravely forward to protect his scared Pit Bull buddies.

“Our English Bulldog, Sir Wellington, was a force of nature,” the family of Dougherty Farms writes on Youtube. “In this video, he defends our two pit bulls from the ferocious stuffed lion we received for our baby shower. We rescued Sir Wellington when he was already old (8) and he gave us tons of laughs until he passed at 13. Eventually, we look forward to our next bulldog, but for now, the two pit bulls in the video are alive and well, safe from all lions.”

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