Five Teenage Boys Come To The Rescue Of Stray Dog Who Wanders Onto Their School Track

A group of high-school kids came to the rescue of a starving stray dog after she wandered onto the track field of their school. The five boys were between periods at Harlandale High School in San Antonio, Texas when they noticed the dog lying in the sun on the field.


They first wanted to give her a pet and as they got closer they noticed she was in poor shape. They decided to help her and got her a bowl of water and led her to the shade.

They also reached out to a local rescue group, who arranged to pick the dog up and take her to a vet clinic. The boys named the dog Londyn.


In addition to being severely emaciated, Londyn was covered in ticks and diagnosed with heartworm. She will now be cared for by the rescue. The boys are all looking forward to hearing updates on Londyn’s progress.

It’s wonderful that these compassionate young men took action to help this poor dog!

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