How To Super Clean Your Vehicle’s Windshield

This is a great tip that auto detailing shops apparently use to clean a car’s windshield so that it’s spotless.

According to RVGeeks, when your RV or car’s windshield gets dirty with dead bugs, tree sap, water spots and dirt, this handy trick will clean the glass like nothing else.

In the video, you’ll learn how to use super fine steel wool to remove all the microscopic dirt and debris stuck to your windshield that doesn’t come off with washing. RVGeeks demonstrates the steps he takes to super clean his RV and cars.

Here’s what RVGeeks says you need:

Rain-X Glass Treatment
– Couple of old t-shirts or rags
– old sock
– 0000 #4/0 super fine steel wool. Make sure you use 0000 steel wool (the finest possible) or you will scratch your windows! If in doubt, try something like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Note: tinted windows may require special product.
Invisible Glass

First he takes the superfine steel wool (as noted, make sure it’s the glass-safe kind!) to polish the window, cleaning all the spots and dirt he finds. Next, he uses RainX to cover the window. He then uses a wet rag to buff the surface followed by a dry t-shirt afterwards.The final step is to spray it with Invisible Glass and wipe it down.

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