Stray Sick Puppy Loses His Brother And Nearly His Mom But Vet Refuses To Give Up

A hurt mama dog and her sick puppies were running out of time, but thanks to the efforts of rescuers they have a second chance.

This poor stray came in with wounds on her back. She may have gotten dragged by a car or suffered chemical burns. But when she came to Vet Ranch’s Dr. Matt, she was “super emaciated and skinny and trying to feed her puppies”.

Sadly, they were unable to save one puppy as he was too infected with hookworms and died from anemia.

But her other puppy survived. Dr. Matt was worried about him as he was depressed and slow, but he right away gives him medications. He then sets out to nurse “Hot Mama” and her puppy back to full health.

Watch their recovery in the heartwarming video below.